Delivering luxury and elegance – the story continues

Harrods Technology Department – Phase Two

Prestigious, high-tech interiors with Clements trademark quality


Following our highly successful, phase one project for Harrods’ Technology Department, Clements are delighted to reveal the next chapter in the story; phase two. The Retail team delivered exemplary quality construction, modern interior and luxurious materials, ensuring each individual aspect was as extraordinary as the last. A delighted Harrods expressed their gratitude as excited shoppers explored the brand-new, engaging retail environment.

Harrods entrust Clements Retail because of our excellence in premium manufacturing, innovative designs and creative insights, a perfect pairing with their luxurious reputation.

Key Results

  • Continuing a clean, seamless transition through the store, between both phases of the project.
  • Full installation and set-up of floors, ceilings and partitions.
  • Working closely with Harrods to meet and exceed their expectations.